Perfect Match Synopsis

Lexi is on the run from her father’s illegal business associates and is rescued by Chase, a vampire prince.  Through the danger, relationship conflicts, and living in close quarters they fall in love and he realizes that she is his destined match.  Now, can he convince her to convert to a vampire so their love can last forever?



Seven things that inspire me to write

It’s always important to have inspiration for your writing. Here is one blogger’s inspiration.

The Jenny Mac Book Blog

On Friday I mentioned that I was having trouble with writer’s block, so a fellow blogger commented on my post it’s Friday. She said that she came up with a post that she wanted to pass on to other bloggers; it was about writing things that you love that inspires you to write. Naturally I said that I would try it, so here we go.

I was able to come up with seven things.

1 Books

If I read a good book it sets my imagination loose.

2 Movies

When I watch a movie especially movies with a lot of action or gadgets it helps me come with new ideas for my second Jenny Mac book; which I absolutely love.

3 Inspirational stories

When I hear a story that is so inspirational it inspires me to write blogs post about it.

4 Music

I am songwriter so in order for…

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National Novel Writing Month – Why?

Here is someone else who is going to have a busy November.

Breezy Books

ImageAfter a beautiful week of near 80-degree temperatures, we dropped into the forties with rain all weekend. That kept us from doing yard work, but we managed to accomplish a few other tasks.

It was good to take the weekend away from the blogosphere. I watched a few movies, hubby and I dusted off the Nintendo 64 and played a few rounds of Dr. Mario, and I made some preparations for NaNo – as well as a pot of chili. Yum.

I wasn’t going to participate in National Novel Writing Month. I didn’t really see the point. All four of my books are in the 50k to 57k range, and the first three were all written in a three week period of time (with editing after, of course). House guests and a few other projects cropped up in the middle of book number four, but the actual writing was about…

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Busy, Busy November

This is going to be an incredibly busy November.  I will still be writing posts here at every opportunity but I am going to be writing a novel from start to finish during this month.  November is national novel writer’s month.  For those of you who write as well the website

Today and tomorrow I’m finishing writing the full outline of my book.  I’m actually very excited.  I think the novel will turn out well.  It’s the fourth time I’ve attempted to write this story but I researched quite a bit about novel writing before trying again.

So, if I’m a little in and out over the next month, it is because I am hunched over my computer trying to figure out what will happen next to my favorite characters.

How to write a great blog

I thought this could be helpful for authors.

Cristian Mihai

First, I’d like to say that there is no how-to guide or recipe for writing a brilliant post. That being said, I’d also like to point out the fact that some posts seem to perform better than others. Lists and guides usually receive more comments and likes than “normal” blogs.

So this is not a how to guide. We’re just going to talk about the major components of a blog post.

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Welcome to All Paranormal Writing

I am brand new to novel writing.  I am attempting to write my first novel.  The current working title is Matched.  It is about a young woman falling in love with her rescuer who happens to be a century old vampire prince.  I am studying the art of novel writing as I go.  I am also trying to help review other author’s work.

It is more difficult than I expected to write a novel.  I have to struggle with both dialogue and pacing of my stories.  It is a very fun challenge that I didn’t expect to enjoy.  I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me.