New Writing Software

Cut, Copy, Paste

Cut, Copy, Paste (Photo credit: Iain Mullan)


Writing my new story turned out to be somewhat of a challenge.  I refuse to give up.  I have been using the trial copy of this software for months, but had to copy and paste information from it before closing it.  It’s best benefit is simply that it can help you create primary and secondary characters that are rich, fully created, and individualizes.  It also allows you to use something very similar to psychological profiling to figure out how each character might react to the other.


Character Writer 3.1 is the best software on the market in my opinion.  Each and every one that had a trial, I have tested.  This is the one I fell in love with.


Yesterday, I was finally able to purchase it, so “Forced to Mate” my latest story, will be written on Character Writer.  Just to give you an idea of the types of character profiles it can create, I’ll show you a partial character profile from my next book.  I hope you like it.  Feel free to let me know what you think.  Character Writer is available for both PC and MAC.




Busy, Busy November

This is going to be an incredibly busy November.  I will still be writing posts here at every opportunity but I am going to be writing a novel from start to finish during this month.  November is national novel writer’s month.  For those of you who write as well the website

Today and tomorrow I’m finishing writing the full outline of my book.  I’m actually very excited.  I think the novel will turn out well.  It’s the fourth time I’ve attempted to write this story but I researched quite a bit about novel writing before trying again.

So, if I’m a little in and out over the next month, it is because I am hunched over my computer trying to figure out what will happen next to my favorite characters.

Ego and Storyline Adjustments

This room is the inspiration for Lexi’s room in Chase’s penthouse.

It has been an incredibly educational week for me.  I’ve learned that I don’t know as much as I thought I did.  However, my wonderful writing buddy suggested that I modify the premise of my story so instead of one person coming after my heroine, there are several.  This way, my character has more time to build both emotions and sexual tension with her protector.  I like the idea.

He asked me to write chapter one using the new premise.  I, of course, am obsessing over it.  It’s not quite finished, but it probably will be by the end of the day. I also decided to make Lexi a stronger woman.  In the old version, I intended to make her weak in the beginning and have her gain strength through the story.  Now, I think I want her to start strong and get stronger.

I’m also going to finish critiquing his work today.  It needs minor modifications, not the complete overhaul mine will probably need.  It’s going to be a busy day on my computer.

I’ve always loved to read, but until I began trying to write this novel, I didn’t imagine I would like writing this much.  Even if this story never gets published (although I hope it will) I am definitely enjoying the ride.

What I’ve Learned Today

It has been an educational day for me, and it’s only 3:30.  The main thing that I learned is that I have a lot left to learn.  One of my writing buddies is reviewing my story and he keeps asking me questions about my story’s premise, character motivation, and the believability of my character’s actions.

Now, instead of continuing writing, I am back to the planning stages.  I know that I can do this, so I am going to read a book he recommended by Orson Scott Wells, a book on writing erotic romance I chose, and another called Instant Fiction that was required reading for an online class that I can not participate in yet.

My point, for those of you who are like me and only beginning to write is not to be afraid of admitting that you don’t now enough yet to accomplish your goals.  Aquire the education you need and try again.  Maybe, if one particular story is giving you problems, you could set it aside and start another.

That is what I’m thinking about doing right now.  I think if I try a short story I will have less problems.  There won’t be as many conflicts or characters to imagine.  I will not quit.

Writing Buddies

If there is only one thing about my story that I know I’m doing right, it’s finding writing buddies or review partners.  If writers help each other edit and critique their work, you will end up with a much higher quality end product.

If you want to try giving and getting critiques of your work, you might want to visit and sign up for a free account.