Forced To Choose Forever

This is my very latest effort on my novel.  I decided that you all might want to give me some feedback on the opening of the story, or at least be a little curious about it.  So, here it is:

68468856805097349_z40ZW64T_b“Father, I will not take a mate and if you force me, either he or I will be dead by morning.”

It was bad enough the pack ran with all the old-fashioned traditions. Women were second class citizens to be given away by their fathers at whatever age their father chose. Nina knew it could be worse. If she were lower in the pack, there would be fewer prospects for mating. They had little choice. Only a rare few mated for love, if they were allowed to mate at all. The weakest wolves weren’t even given the option. Damnable old traditions. If her father thought making her alpha would keep him happy and comfortable, he was in for a rude awakening. Her father would not choose the man she would be forced to spend centuries with.

“You will do what I say or I will disinherit you.” He bellowed.

“Perfect. I’d rather be the world’s only lone female wolf than be mated and married to a dictator. How many years did it take for you to kill Mother‘s spirit? I will not be her! Ever!”

It sounded like bliss. She wouldn’t have her father’s demands and endless lessons or her mother‘s broken disregard. She would miss Kyra though. Nina felt guilty that she wouldn’t miss her sister. If they weren’t related by blood, they’d have nothing in common. Nina thought it had to do with her mother’s neglect. She guarded her heart and her sister did everything she could to get anyone to notice her.

Unfortunately, as the second daughter in a traditional pack, she was supposed to marry into another pack to tie packs together, so neither the boys or the men would focus on her. She did have girlfriends though. Lots of girlfriends who always “dropped by” to see Nina instead. She was the one who would have the power. She didn’t want any of it. She would leave without regret and she let it show in her eyes. Who needed an inheritance in trade for centuries with the wrong man. Little body cues made sense to wolves her father would understand. She didn’t bow to him or to anyone.

Unusually, the Alpha‘s voice softened. “It was over a century before she became as you know her to be.”

“Why father, what broke her? Why can’t she love her own daughters? She is barely alive. Is that really what you want for me, father? She is miserable. Did she not want a mating either? Didn’t she want children? Was she sad she didn’t give you boys? She takes no pleasure in pack runs. She doesn’t even spend them with us. She goes off alone. Are you a monster as a mate or did her father choose the wrong alpha for her? I know alphas aren’t supposed to make mistakes, but mother is proof that they do.”

She went past pushing him a while back but it seemed to be necessary. Maybe he was blind where her mother was concerned. Couldn’t he see her pain? Did he care? How could her mother be fixed?

“You will challenge your mate, child”

Nina’s dry laugh echoed through the musty study. “Not if he is dead. Remember, you taught me to fight, and I fight well.”

Her father sighed. Even he had to realize he was loosing. She would leave before he picked her mate for her. They lived too long to be trapped in a miserable mating. Maybe her father was miserable too. Was that the problem?

“It is time for me to retire and past time for you to have a mating arrangement. You are soon to be alpha. Devise a compromise to satisfy us both.”

“Father, I am barely seventeen, hardly getting old enough to have a mating contract. If I’d been allowed to go to high school I wouldn’t have even graduated yet.” She had wanted to go to school, be normal, have homework, group projects, and papers to write. It seemed like a sort of peace to her, the normal worries of a teenager. She would never be normal. It was never to be.

That’s it, the first scene.  What do you think?  Did it grab your attention?



Perfect Match Synopsis

Lexi is on the run from her father’s illegal business associates and is rescued by Chase, a vampire prince.  Through the danger, relationship conflicts, and living in close quarters they fall in love and he realizes that she is his destined match.  Now, can he convince her to convert to a vampire so their love can last forever?


It is the day I start writing


This is my best representation of Chase, the male lead in my book.  Happy November.  If you want to begin writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month visit I’m afraid I am behind the bunch already, but I have no doubt I will catch up.  I want my outline to be perfect so that I have the right place to begin. I have tried to use the “just start writing” method and have failed in a grand way.  This time I am writing an extensive outline to make sure that my book has no holes in the plot or storyline.  In fact, this is my fourth time trying to write a story using the general idea and the characters.

I fell in love with my characters.  Lexi is my favorite.  I posted her character outline a few days ago.  She is a strong woman who has lived a difficult life.

Please, please don’t ask me if it is like twilight.  Yes, I love the series.  However, I am interested in all things paranormal, primarily vampires and werewolves.  I am also in love with the idea that there is one person in the world that we are meant for, that completes us.

The working title for my novel is The Perfect Match.  I have also considered the titles Matched, Destined, Saving the Vampire, and Blood Matched.  If you have a favorite, let me know.  I’m completely up for feedback.

So, today I finish my outline.  I have the pieces, now I’m shuffling them into chapters and filling in the holes in the plot.  I am also trying to balance the amount of external conflict and danger in my story with the internal conflict of vampire discovery, destined matches, and a passionate love story.

My goal for November is to write this novel, no matter how many word over the requisite fifty thousand that takes.  Then during December and January I want to edit the novel and get it ready for a few friends to review and help me edit the novel.

Eventually, if I have the talent, luck, and dedication, I would like to find an agent and try to have my novel published by a mainstream publisher.  However, from what I have read, having a first manuscript published is probably an unrealistic goal.

I have ideas for other novels, so whether this one succeeds to be published, I will begin the process from the beginning with a new idea without waiting for next November.  So, now you know a little more about me and what I am trying to write, feel free to comment on my subject matter.  Please feel free to give me any writing tips or tricks that will assist me.