New Writing Software

Cut, Copy, Paste

Cut, Copy, Paste (Photo credit: Iain Mullan)


Writing my new story turned out to be somewhat of a challenge.  I refuse to give up.  I have been using the trial copy of this software for months, but had to copy and paste information from it before closing it.  It’s best benefit is simply that it can help you create primary and secondary characters that are rich, fully created, and individualizes.  It also allows you to use something very similar to psychological profiling to figure out how each character might react to the other.


Character Writer 3.1 is the best software on the market in my opinion.  Each and every one that had a trial, I have tested.  This is the one I fell in love with.


Yesterday, I was finally able to purchase it, so “Forced to Mate” my latest story, will be written on Character Writer.  Just to give you an idea of the types of character profiles it can create, I’ll show you a partial character profile from my next book.  I hope you like it.  Feel free to let me know what you think.  Character Writer is available for both PC and MAC.




It is the day I start writing


This is my best representation of Chase, the male lead in my book.  Happy November.  If you want to begin writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month visit I’m afraid I am behind the bunch already, but I have no doubt I will catch up.  I want my outline to be perfect so that I have the right place to begin. I have tried to use the “just start writing” method and have failed in a grand way.  This time I am writing an extensive outline to make sure that my book has no holes in the plot or storyline.  In fact, this is my fourth time trying to write a story using the general idea and the characters.

I fell in love with my characters.  Lexi is my favorite.  I posted her character outline a few days ago.  She is a strong woman who has lived a difficult life.

Please, please don’t ask me if it is like twilight.  Yes, I love the series.  However, I am interested in all things paranormal, primarily vampires and werewolves.  I am also in love with the idea that there is one person in the world that we are meant for, that completes us.

The working title for my novel is The Perfect Match.  I have also considered the titles Matched, Destined, Saving the Vampire, and Blood Matched.  If you have a favorite, let me know.  I’m completely up for feedback.

So, today I finish my outline.  I have the pieces, now I’m shuffling them into chapters and filling in the holes in the plot.  I am also trying to balance the amount of external conflict and danger in my story with the internal conflict of vampire discovery, destined matches, and a passionate love story.

My goal for November is to write this novel, no matter how many word over the requisite fifty thousand that takes.  Then during December and January I want to edit the novel and get it ready for a few friends to review and help me edit the novel.

Eventually, if I have the talent, luck, and dedication, I would like to find an agent and try to have my novel published by a mainstream publisher.  However, from what I have read, having a first manuscript published is probably an unrealistic goal.

I have ideas for other novels, so whether this one succeeds to be published, I will begin the process from the beginning with a new idea without waiting for next November.  So, now you know a little more about me and what I am trying to write, feel free to comment on my subject matter.  Please feel free to give me any writing tips or tricks that will assist me.