About Me

Oh dearie me.

Oh dearie me. (Photo credit: quimby)

Hi, I’m Angel.  So far I’m the only writer on this blog.  I’m just getting started writing paranormal romance.  Currently I’m working on the first book I’ve ever written for the fourth time.  The three previous tries have been trashed when I realized that I wasn’t going the direction I wanted to go or that no matter how many times I tried, editing would not be enough to make that work polish and shine.

Since I’ve fallen in love with Lexi and Chase, my goal is to make a captivating story that allows them to have adventure, danger, and to fall in love with each other.  I’m unsure at this point whether this will be a stand alone book, whether Lexi and Chase’s story will go on, or if the other characters like Peter and Samantha might find love as well.

Currently, the goal is getting the rough draft written in the month of November.  I think I can do it and manage two blogs while guest posting to another.  Wish me luck and feel free to contact me using the contact form.


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