The Outline

The detailed outline for Matched is finished with all the holes filled in.  It is time to begin the wonderfully creative and frustrating process of writing.  The goal today is to write over three thousand words to make up for not writing yesterday.  Wish me luck.

The beginning of the book has a bedraggled Lexi stumbling into a run down diner out of the wind and rain.  There, she meets Chase who will be part rescuer and love.  He is also a vampire.

I love the complexities that the paranormal adds to writing.  I also enjoy the idea of the paranormal.  Vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, and all the other things that go bump in the night interest me.

To prepare myself for writing this book I read every book I could find on modern vampire and books on the idea of fate chosen matches.  I did this, not to commit plagiarism, but to make sure that the series books I’ve read didn’t affect me too much.  I wanted as many ideas in my head as humanly possible.

I feel confident that my book, with the detailed outline complete, is an original work.  Beyond the normal idea that vampires exist and that they can find a love that is destined, my story is mine alone.  I’m excited to get writing, so I’m off to be creative.  I think I’m going to love National Writer’s Month.


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